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Notice - Fraud Alert


Due to increased fraud


Due to numerous appeals to Fund for social and economic development of the regions "Treasury Creator RA" (further in the text «FUND RA») from various authorities, due to the increasing cases of fraud and deception by outsiders against FUND RA kindly ask you to exercise vigilance and caution towards persons who, by deceptive means, presenting themselfs as our representatives or partners, attempt to deceive you. 

Please be informed that all official letters and contracts and agreement are subject to strict control by the Compliance Department. All contracts and agreements of our FUND RA are signed only in the original, and we do not use electronic signatures of contracts. Each contract is certified by a special second seal and exclusive QR-code.

To check any document that came to you, please pay attention to the presence of the special second seal  and exclusive QR-code. If this document identification is not available, please inform the Compliance Department immediately at: compliance(a)fundra.ru; compliance(a)fundra.org.

If you suspect fraud with our documents, please inform the Fraud Prevention Department immediately: antifraud(a)fundra.ru; antifraud(a)fundra.org


Board of Directors