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Strategic Alignment

Assist all client segments

i. Building client capacity in asset, risk and debt management;
ii. Providing financial solutions for clients in support of FUND RA Operations;
iii. Managing client investment portfolios;

Scale up private mobilization

i. Delivering funding, asset/liability & risk management services;
ii. Providing analytical modeling support for policy and strategic decision making;
iii. Supporting product development & deployment that crowd in private sector finance, like guarantees and credit enhancements;

Lead on global issues

i. Promoting the FUND RA image and global standing;
ii. Intermediating weather, climate and other risks for clients in the financial markets;
iii. Promoting green & sustainable development bonds;
iv. Supporting responsible investing principles through international cooperation and global partnerships;
v. Providing thought leadership on key issues related to development finance;

Improve our business model

i. Enabling operational effectiveness for FUND RA business lines by properly managing operational risks and ensuring a resilient operation;
ii. Developing and supporting a high performing team;
iii. Supporting the FUND RA’s change agenda and corporate initiatives;
iv. Promoting financial knowledge within the FUND RA;

Ensure adequate financial capacity

i. Effectively managing the investment portfolios of the FUND RA benefit plans;
ii. Administering the provisions of the FUND RA post-retirement/benefit plans in a robust and sustainable manner;
iii. Raising capital market funding for FUND RA;
iv. Executing FUND RA’s equity management framework;
v. Executing swaps for asset & liability risk management;
vi. Delivering timely and efficient financial services to the FUND RA;