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Our Activity

Represented by our Fund for social and economic development of the regions "Treasury Creator RA" (further in the text "Treasury of Creator RA", "Fund") we recognize that poverty eradication in all her forms and manifestations, including extreme poverty, is the major World problem and one of necessary conditions of sustainable development.

We are full of determination to save Mankind from poverty tyranny and to cure and secure our Earth. We are full of determination to take courageous reformatory steps which are insistently necessary to bring the World to a trajectory of sustainable and durable development. Going to this joint way, we promise that nobody will be forgotten!

The purposes in the field of sustainable development and task of Fund, demonstrate scale and ambition. Our purposes provide realization of human rights for all both ensuring equality and expansion of the rights. Our purposes have complex and indivisible character and provide balance of all three components of sustainable development: economic, social and ecological.

The Fund supports the international order based on respect and fair application of international law concerning each person as an invariable paradigm of peaceful existence and general justice.

People: We are full of determination to put an end to poverty and hunger in all of them forms and manifestations and to provide that all People could realize the potential in the conditions of advantage and equality and in the healthy environment.

Earth: We are full of determination to save Earth from degradation, including by means of introduction of rational models of consumption and production, rational use of her natural resources and acceptance of urgent measures in connection with natural changes on Earth that Earth could provide satisfaction of requirements present and future generations.

Prosperity: We are full of determination to provide that all People could live in conditions of prosperity and wellbeing and that economic, social and technical progress continued in harmony with Earth Nature.

Peace: We are full of determination to promote creation of society, peaceful, fair and free from social barriers, in which there is no place to fear and violence. There can't be a sustainable development without Peace and Peace without sustainable development.

Partnership: We are full of determination to mobilize the means necessary for implementation of our purposes within the updated partnership, for the benefit of the sustainable development based on spirit of the strengthened world solidarity focused first of all on satisfaction of needs of the poorest and most vulnerable groups of the population and assuming participation of all countries, all interested parties and all Peoples. The interconnected and complex character of the purposes in the field of sustainable development has huge value for ensuring successful implementation of the tasks. If we carry out our ambitious plans in full, provided by our Purposes and the Program, that life of all People radically will improve and our World will change for the better.

The basis of our efforts will be developed with active participation of the national authorities the coordinated strategy of sustainable development supported by complex national funding mechanisms.

We say again that each country bears the main responsibility for own economic and social development and that the role of national policy and development strategies can't be overestimated. We will respect the opportunities for maneuver which are available for each country and to recognize her leading role in definition of a procedure of strategy of poverty eradication and ensuring sustainable development on condition of strict respect for the relevant international standards and obligations. At the same time national efforts in the field of development have to be supported with favorable conditions in the international economy, including the coordinated and complementing global trade, currency and financial systems and also the strengthened and expanded mechanisms of global economic regulation. Besides, the processes aimed at the development of the corresponding knowledge and technologies and simplification of access to them around the world and also capacity-building are extremely important. We undertake to provide coherence of policy and to create favorable conditions for sustainable development at all levels and with participation of all subjects, and also to intensify efforts of global partnership in the interests of sustainable development.

We declare the determination to do away with poverty and hunger around the world; to resist with inequality in the countries and between them; to build society, peaceful, fair and free from social barriers; creation of resistant infrastructure, assistance of all-embracing and steady industrialization and to innovations; ensuring general access to inexpensive, reliable, steady and modern power sources for all; to protect human rights and to promote ensuring gender equality and increase of the rights and opportunities of women and girls; providing a healthy lifestyle and assistance to wellbeing for all at any age; providing all-embracing and fair quality education and encouragement of a possibility of training at an extent of all life for all; to provide reliable preservation of our Earth and its natural resources; to suspend use of GMO (Genetically modified organism) – as biological weapons of mass destruction and genocide; to counteract tortures and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; assistance on a structure of peaceful and open society for the benefit of sustainable development, ensuring access to justice for all and creation of the effective, accountable and based on broad participation institutions at all levels; ensuring openness, safety, resilience and ecological sustainability of the cities and settlements; ensuring transition to rational models of consumption and production; preservation and rational use of oceans, seas and marine resources for the benefit of sustainable development; protection and restoration of ecosystems of the land and assistance to their rational use, rational forest exploitation, counteraction with desertification, the termination and the address back process of degradation of lands and the termination of process of loss of a biodiversity; assistance on anti-corruption; assistance in return of the stolen assets; support of national and regional development banks; to increase the international cooperation for strengthening of capacity of municipal authorities and other local authorities; support of private business and financing at the national and international levels; counteraction to use of mercenaries as instrument of human rights violation and counteraction to implementation of the right of the people for self-determination; counteraction to psychothrone terror; counteraction to "human trafficking", ritual violence, in particular children's sacrifices.

We are also full of determination to create conditions for steady, all-embracing and sustained economic growth, general prosperity and decent work for all taking into consideration different levels of national development and opportunities.

We are also full of determination to aspire to that present generations were fully aware of the responsibility to future generations and possibility of creation of more perfect World for present and future generations.

To us the World, free from poverty, hunger, diseases and need, the World in which all live could flourish seems. To us the World, free for fear and violence seems. World of general literacy. The World in which all have equal and general access to quality education at all levels, to medical care and social protection, the World in which the physical, spiritual and social wellbeing is guaranteed. The World in which we confirm our obligations to human right on safe drinking water and sanitation in which are created normal sanitary hygienic conditions and in which  rather safe, inexpensive and nutritious food. The World in which the habitat of the Person is safe, capable to resist to the negative phenomena and is ecologically steady and in which general access to inexpensive, reliable and steady power supply is provided.

To us the world in which are provided general respect for human rights and human dignity, the rule of law, justice, equality and lack of discrimination, respect for racial, ethnic and cultural diversity seems. The world of equal opportunities allowing to realize fully human potential and promoting general prosperity. The world which carries out investments into the children and in which each child grows, without knowing that such violence and operation. The world in which each woman and the girl uses full gender equality and in which all legal, social and economic barriers are eliminated on the way of growth of her rights and opportunities. World, fair, equal, tolerant, open and free from social barriers, in which needs of the most vulnerable groups are satisfied.

To us the World in which each country realizes opportunities for forward, all-embracing and sustained economic growth and decent work for all seems. The World in which models of consumption and production and use of all natural resources — air and the earth, the rivers, lakes and the water-bearing horizons, oceans and the seas — have rational character.  The World in which democracy, good governance and the rule of law and also favorable conditions at the national and international levels are an integral part of sustainable development, including the forward and all-embracing economic growth, social development, environmental protection and eradication of poverty and hunger. The World in which development and use of technologies are carried out taking into consideration climatic factors and need of preservation of a biodiversity and meet the requirements of resilience. The World in which the Peoples lives in harmony with the Nature of Earth and in which protection of wild fauna and flora and other live organisms is provided.

Partnership with participation of a wide range of interested parties and appropriate resources, knowledge and abilities of the private sector, civil society, scientific community, the academic circles, the charitable organizations and funds, parliaments, local authorities, volunteers and other interested participants will play an important role in mobilization and sharing of knowledge, experience, technologies and financial resources, to supplement efforts of the governments and to promote achievement of the goals in the field of sustainable development, in developing countries.

We will work with all partners for providing steady, fair and peaceful future for all in which all will have opportunities for participation and prosperity. All of us bear responsibility to future generations for successful implementation of obligations which have undertaken. Activization of the international partnership will promote intensive global interaction in support of achievement of all purposes and tasks, having united the governments, the private sector, civil society, the United Nations system and other participants and mobilizing all available resources.