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About us

The FUND RA is a specialized Fund with the United Nations focused on Humanitarian Concerns and the Economic, Social and Physical Infrastructures in addition to the implementation of Social and Economic Freedoms for all people at the Global level. FUND RA is an international financial organization designed to promote economic growth, expand trade and economic relations between countries and develop integration processes through investment activities. We declare our commitment to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, which have proved their timelessness and universal character. Their relevance and ability to serve as a source of inspiration are increasing as countries and peoples become more interconnected and interdependent. In cooperation with the United Nations, we support the decisions of all major United Nations conferences at the highest level that have laid a solid foundation for sustainable development and helped shape the outlines of our interaction. One of these documents is United Nations Millennium Declaration.

FUND RA utilizes the most base principles of an economic system utilizing a Gold-Backed financial system designed to supplement the current economic system while at the same time avoiding the economic turmoil that ensues with the isolated economies of the globe and their inability to deal with the rapid rates of fluctuation that are routine in the economic markets.