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Priority Projects

Education is one of the primary keys in the eradication of poverty around the globe. Unfortunately, the educational systems that are available in far too many locations are more than just lacking. One of the primary focuses of FUND RA is the provision of viable educational opportunities for both scholastic and vocational approaches. All countries is going to have schools and other educational institutions in addition to world-class research facilities. However, not every student around the world is going to be able to live in one of the Community Developments and some just simply will not want to move into these communities for whatever reason. This is certainly no reason that they should suffer unduly, much less be deprived of the same educational opportunities that are available to the people who do live within the community developments. The solution has many different facets but still focuses on providing each and every individual (not just the children) around the globe with the same educational opportunities as everyone else has. Whether it is in a classroom or a private home, everybody has the right to a quality, viable education.

There are many myths about education but one of the most damaging perhaps, is that only the children should have education made available to them. If assistance and benefit is not made to the entire family, the child’s education will not only be hindered, but in many cases, actively discouraged so that the child can return to their place as a contributing member of the family. Subsistence packages are often merely used as a source of supplementary income and while they do provide some relief, they do not provide long-term solutions and in far too many cases, merely create an additional dependency for those who are in more need of a hand up than a hand out. Education coupled with opportunity is necessary not only for the children, but for each and every individual in the home. Vocational Batteries can give a very precise indication of which family members will have a better opportunity for success in their respective strengths and weaknesses and as such, should be an integral part of any solution if it is to be meaningful and permanent. Scholastic pursuits by any members of the family need to be encouraged and that can only be accomplished when they have the support of the family.

Almost every family will have at least one individual who is going to do better with vocational training than they will with scholastic pursuits. In the vast majority of families, there will be a number of people who will do better with vocational studies. Many parents and others in a position of responsibility will prefer such vocational pursuits as they offer the potential for an immediate return in the form of a paycheck. This is not to say that the family should all be encouraged to follow the vocational pursuits at the expense of the scholastic but that each individual should be tested and guided in accordance with those tests, allowing of course, for the pursuit of the free-will and choice of the individual. Those who do tend to show strong scholastic aptitude may easily be lured away with the hopes of bringing home a better paycheck but that is why it is imperative that professional assistance be given to the families in need, especially as the decision-process is under way. Vocational pursuits are often more well-suited towards fulfilling short-term needs while scholastic pursuits can provide for a better tomorrow for the entire family and their posterity.

Scholastic Educational Pursuits are going to be an integral part of any solution for the eradication of poverty. While not everyone that is more inclined towards scholastic pursuits will actually pursue them, they need to be encouraged wherever possible. Not only do scholastic studies need to be encouraged, they need to be made available to everyone equally around the world.

The FUND RA is focusing on a great many means to insure that Education in the form of both Scholastic and Vocational pursuits are available to everyone at home and around the World.