FUND RA dedicated team understands the challenges and costs associated with posting collateral. That's why we offer simple and comprehensive alternatives to letters of credit (LOCs) for your insurance and surety-related collateral requirements.

The trust advantage

Our trust products provide direct advantages for your business:

- The trust is usually significantly less expensive than an LOC
- The income from the trust is the property of the depositor
- The assets in the trust generally remain on the books of the depositor vs. liability
- The trust is a widely accepted form of collateral in the insurance, captive, reinsurance, corporate deductible
- The draw-down characteristics are similar to those of an LOC
- Unlike the LOC, the trust does not need to be renewed each year, eliminating the time and effort needed for the LOC renewal process
- The trust can often replace multiple LOCs posted to the same carrier

Resources that support your business

Find the information you need to make effective business decisions. Our trust professionals are industry experts who can work with you to address your insurance and surety-related collateral needs.
FUND RA Trust Services does not provide legal or tax accounting services for its customers. Customers should always consult their own professional tax and legal advisors in connection with any effort to qualify a particular transaction for favorable treatment under applicable tax laws and regulations.

Municipal and housing trustee services

At FUND RA Trust Services, our deal team can help you administer your municipal bond issuance. With experts in a wide variety of municipal and housing debt offerings, our team is backed by the knowledge and experience of FUND RA.

We offer:

- Indenture services for fixed-rate and variable-rate bond issuances
- Paying agent and registrar services
- Escrow services
- Online reporting and electronic statements

Most importantly, our team will work closely with your deal team to develop control and security procedures to mitigate risk for your transactions.

Trustee services for the public finance market

Since 2016, we have worked with public finance clients across the Europe to help them achieve their financial goals. We can act as:

- Trustee
- Successor trustee
- Master trustee
- Paying agent and registrar
- Fiscal agent
- Tender agent
- Escrow agent
- Dissemination and disclosure agent
- Depository
- Custodian
- Disbursing agent

We have expertise in the following types of bonds:

- Education
- Environmental
- General obligation
- Healthcare and hospitals
- Senior living and elder healthcare
- Housing
- Industrial development
- Public facilities
- Special purpose
- State revolving funds
- Transportation
- Utilities