How we add value

The INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION is committed to fostering greater transparency and accountability within the Fund for social and economic development of the regions "Treasury Creator RA" (further in the text 'FUND RA'). The Division strives to protect the human and financial resources of the FUND RA by investigating, among other things, fraud and misconduct in the workplace.  By doing so, the INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION re-enforces and upholds FUND RA regulations, rules, administrative issuances and contractual provisions and contributes to increased efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of FUND RA activities and services. Vision for a "strong and accountable FUND RA underpins the INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION’s activities. 

Examples of investigations conducted by the INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION include reports of serious and costly mismanagement or waste of the FUND RA's resources, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, complex fraud, improper recruitment, conflicts of interest, and third party fraud in the execution of FUND RA contracts or other agreements.

How we work

An INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION investigation is an administrative fact-finding activity, which means collecting evidence to either support or refute the reported violations.  The focus is on possible misconduct by individuals and prohibited practices by vendors/third parties; however, some systemic issues might also be analysed at the same time. Investigations are conducted in a professional and impartial manner. Where evidence of misconduct is established, the INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION will send the Board of Director the results of its investigation, together with recommendations, to guide the Board of Director in deciding on the appropriate action to be taken. INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION is not, however, responsible for deciding whether to initiate disciplinary proceedings or to institute corrective action as a result of its investigations.

To facilitate receipt of reports of possible wrongdoing, the INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION operates a reporting mechanism. INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION protects the confidentiality of those who make reports to it in good faith, whether the investigation substantiates the report or not. Intentionally false complaints, where established, constitute misconduct, which is subject to possible sanction.

All staff members are required to cooperate fully with official investigations. INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION also has the right to direct and prompt access to all persons engaged in activities under the authority of the FUND RA, as well as all records, documents or other materials, assets and premises and to obtain such information and explanations as it considers necessary to fulfil its responsibilities.