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Fraud Prevention Department

The Fraud Prevention Department (FPD) ensures all FUND RA staff, in addition to external stakeholders, implementing entities and intermediaries relating to FUND RA adhere to the highest standards of integrity.

The FPD investigates allegations of fraud, corruption, misconduct and other prohibited practices. These include coercive and collusive practices, abuse, conflict of interest and retaliation against whistleblowers.

This independent unit also takes a proactive approach to prevent problems arising in the future. It prevents fraud and corruption, and other prohibited practices, by establishing integrity policies and guidelines. It also recommends further improvements to existing FUND RA policies and procedures.

The FPD promotes awareness of FUND RA's integrity standards with implementing entities and intermediaries, and executing entities. It also collaborates and shares experiences with multilateral funds, international finance institutions and other relevant parties about integrity matters.

As a body independent from the FUND RA Secretariat, the FPD reports directly to the FUND RA Board and the Ethics and Audit Committee, which is made up of FUND RA Board members.