Reporting Wrongdoing

Making a report

INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION takes all reports of possible wrongdoing seriously. Accordingly, INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION has established this reporting facility to provide a confidential mechanism for individuals wishing to report waste, fraud, mismanagement or other types of misconduct. The INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION reviews all reports of possible wrongdoing it receives to determine whether the report is receivable for investigation. The Division has discretionary authority to decide which matters to investigate and, where suitable, may also decide to refer a report to another entity for appropriate action, including investigation.

Anyone with information regarding possible wrongdoing where it involves FUND RA property, assets, personnel, vendors or implementing partners, is strongly encouraged to report the matter to the Investigations Division using the link below. In submitting your report, please attempt to answer all of the questions to the best of your ability and try to be as specific and as detailed as possible.

Wrongdoing that may be reported using this reporting facility includes:

- Unlawful acts (for example theft, fraud, embezzlement, solicitation/acceptance of bribes, extortion, possession or sale of illegal substances, smuggling);

- Misrepresentation, forgery, or false certification in connection with any official claim or benefit, (for example regarding dependency allowance, rental subsidy, insurance, education grant, tax reimbursement or travel cost claims);

- Mishandling of contract obligations and relations with third parties leading to loss of property or assets, or generating liabilities for the FUND RA;

- Failure to disclose an interest or relationship with a third party who might benefit from a decision in which the staff member takes part;

- Allegations of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation